Memorial poem for Kirk Mangus

Today there is a memorial service at Kent State for my friend and mentor Kirk Mangus. They are putting up letters and email on the gallery walls. I sent along this poem. I share it for everyone else who cannot attend.

You always said humor was serious business

 Kirko, you were so much like

those poodles

you loved to make: gruff



larger than life,

not quite tame

and yet faithful,

caring, watching over and adopting us

the way a dog adopts

a family.


see more Kirk Poodles here.

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Wheaton College Empty Bowls Sale

It’s official: The 3rd not-so-annual Empty Bowls Sale at Wheaton College is on for Monday, December 16th, from 10am-2pm. Come buy a bowl or mug from some of our talented students and share a meal with us to support those in our community who don’t have enough to eat. 50% of all proceeds go to the Immanuel Food Pantry.

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Kirk Mangus: Artist of the Month

Pilgrim Construction with ZepplinMy friend and Mentor Kirk Mangus passed away over the weekend. Rest in peace, my friend. Here’s a post I wrote about him several years back. What I said then still rings true. I’m not sure what happened to the pictures, but I’ve re-inserted them below.

Pilgrim Construction with Zepplin

Hooker's Ramblings


OK, I confess, picking Kirk as the artist of the month is a no brainer. He was my grad prof, which means I loved his work so much way back in my days as an undergrad that I pestered him into letting me come to Kent State. He has done nothing since that time to lessen my admiration for him or his work. Kirk is kinda like my mentor, so I guess it’d be more fair for me to call him my Artist of the Decade (well, two decades, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Two basic things I love about Kirk’s work…well, three actually…

1) There’s no categories. That is to say, he makes pots, he makes sculptures, he makes drawings, heck, when I was at Kent he made paper stencils and spray painted everything from chairs to canvas totes with little figures. He even…

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Two works added to the SC State Museum Collection

Two sculptures from 2001, “Guard David” and “Family Planning,” are now part of the SC State Museum collection (joining another work from that time period, “House II.”


That’s me…and me. Posing with “Guard David” at Hodges-Taylor Gallery in 2001

I really delighted to see those piece find such a great home!

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Print showing at The Morris Museum

Just got the word that one of my prints in the King Snake Press Collection, “Guard Dog,” will be in a show at the Morris Museum in Augusta, Ga opening in January. Awesome! So lucky to have worked with master printer Phil Garrett!

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Small Wood-fired Bowl

Small Wood-fired Bowl

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Wood-Fired Batter Bowl

Wood-Fired Batter Bowl

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